ecSound 靈聰聽覺 未分類 The Biggest News From Milan Fashion Week

In New York, stars stuck with a tried-and-true monochromatic urban uniform for Fashion Week, whereas A-listers in London swapped out their summer top layers for printed and patterned coats to attend the shows. Now, as the Milan collections come to a close, it’s clear that the look in Italy was feminine and quirky in equal measure. And you can thank Alessandro Michele at Gucci for the resurgence of that retro eclecticism: pussy-bow blouses, wide-leg trousers, ruffled dresses—pieces that have been embraced wholeheartedly by stylish women on the front row. Actress Dakota Johnson put a polished spin on the aesthetic in a wine-colored Gucci dress, ladylike sandals, and a chain-link bag, as did model Karen Elson, in a pleated skirt and turtleneck top. Alexa Chung and newlywed Beatrice Borromeo, on the other hand, went a more tailored route at MFW in elegant topcoats. It was Naomi Campbell and Ciara, though, whose style stood head and shoulders above the fashion crowd. The supermodel livened things up at Versace in a neon orange fitted dress, a nod to the body-con styles she wore on the runway back in the ’90s, while the American pop star showed her support for newly appointed Roberto Cavalli creative director Peter Dundas in a glamorous distressed tunic: Bellissima times two!

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